Cleaning Installations


Demonstration of installation "Flotator-U"
"Separation of crude oil from the water."



Our company offers revolutionary Flotator-U cleaning systems for the purpose of continuous cleaning of sewage water from oil products (free and soluble), organic and non-organic pollutants. This equipment has been designed collaboratively by Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia) and STI (Minsk, Belarus).

Flotator-U systems are easy-to-use and simple, not requiring any consumables or special care. They are easily mounted into various cleaning installations, perfectly fitting them. These units need no electricity (provided the sewage can be supplied by gravity flow), they can be equipped by additional equipment increasing the quality and degree of cleaning and decontamination of sewage, including sewage containing heavy metals. The cleaning degree is 99% and more.

With their unique technical characteristics these units surpass most of the competing analogues made by other brands.

This equipment comes in various capacities 2 cub.m/hour, 4 cub.m/hour, 6 cub.m/hour and 10 cub.m/hour. However, the order can be customized by the customer to the capacity up to 100 cub.m/hour. Also, it can be produced at the facilities of the customer with respect to his certain needs.

You can visit our facilities to watch the operation of the equipment. Alternatively, our consultants can bring a sample installation of small volume to your location to show it in real action.

Please find in picture 1 the general view of an installation for separating water from oil products and heavy metals with the capacity of 10 cub.m/hour.

The size of the unit is 2m length, 1m width, 1.5m height.

The construction of the installation features great technological opportunities for quality cleaning and decontamination of various sewage. There will be no need in any transformation of a unit. It just has to be fitted with extra input devices to provide the due quality of the cleaning process. The installation connects perfectly with other cleaning devices, transit tanks and reservoirs, without compromising the working conditions.


Picture 1. Flotator-U cleaning installation with the capacity of 10 cub.m/hour

Introduction of this equipment leads to the increase of efficiency of cleaning systems.

During the cleaning process the newly derived clean water can be then returned to the chain system of internal water usage, or directed to the sewage, or even to water reservoirs.

The cleaning of sewage and extraction of oil products from these to make new products is shown in Picture 2.

Picture 2. Cleaning of sewage. Deriving oil products from oil traps.

In the past, the absence of continuous cleaning of oil traps from free oil products and pollutants made oil products during their build-up process always coagulate forming heavy greasy oil deposition accumulate on the walls and the bottom of an oil trap. A proper cleaning of oil traps from contamination is very costly. Moreover, collected oil pollutants infected with bacteria are hard to deposit, transfer, decontaminate and utilize. Submission of such deposit for utilization is rather expensive and time-consuming.

Stable oil emulsions of various content tend to form in sewage inside oil traps.

Continuous (or periodical) movement of sewage waters, change of temperature and humidity of the environment, influence of rain, snow and hail usually lead to the formation of both stable emulsions and coagulated dirt and greasy oil deposits.

Abrupt drops of warm or warmed up sewage (from thermal, steam power and other type of workshops), drop and penetrating sewage by various active-on-surface substances or new pollutants, led to further emulgation of oil products into sewage waters and also to building up of stable emulsions.

Further movement of these waters to the chemical cleaning process and decontamination inside cleaning installations could not usually allow further installations to efficiently clean these waters from dirt and oil products or required great volumes of expensive chemical additives. Moreover, the productivity of cleaning equipment was rather low.

Please watch how launching Flotator-U devices inside oil traps helped settle that problem in picture 2.

You can see a Flotator-U cleaning installation with a capacity over 4 cub.m/hour to clean caissons of large machinery from sewage and oil products in picture 3.


Picture 3. Flotator-U installation with capacity of 4 cub.m to clean caissons of the main machinery from sewage and oil products.

The sizes of the equipment (without the sizes of the adjoining tubes, tank for deposit of sewage for the capacity of 4 cub.m/hour - 1100 x 750 x 875 N/mm.

The productivity and quality of cleaning can be adjusted and managed with an installation in a wide range of settings.

After cleaning caissons from pollutants, oil products, the cleaned up remains can be returned to the closed system or dropped into sewage systems. The extracted oil products are usually directed to the oil regeneration workshop where they are regenerated and then re-used for personal purposes.

Big and small contaminants caught by a separating device can be released after opening a certain valve.

One of the outstanding features of a Flotator-U installation is that you can increase its technical capabilities considerably and carry out some combined methods of treatment of the sewage waters or other technological liquids (water & oil cleaning liquids from oil tankers, railway and automobile tanks, sewage of oil reservoirs, oil products of compression and vacuum installations, used coolants and lubricants, emulsions, etc.).

Quality of cleaning and decontamination of various sewage waters can be adjusted in a wide range of settings.

Flotator-U cleaning installations are easy-to-use, do not require any consumables for most types of industrial sewage waters, any electricity (if sewage is moved into the device by gravity). The quality and cleaning degree of these installation is 99% and more.

Units with the capacities of 4 cub.m/hour, 6 cub.m/hour or 10 cub.m/hour are equipped with a pump made by Aynhel AG of the type TMP 501/1-S NIRO.

Following the delivery we consult you provide the introduction of equipment, teaching factory personnel how to use the machinery.

If required, we can do the assembly, adjustment and teaching of your employees.

During the delivery of Flotator-U systems the client is provided with the technical documentation and other methodical materials.