It is quite common for a production manager to be familiar with the need of updating a huge park of unused and faulty machinery wasting precious floorspace while trying to do it with minimum expenses.

STI offers affordable and efficient development programs for your production facilities.

If your equipment needs some repair STI-Trade will do the job quickly at your premises or its own facilities and provide you with a substantial warranty.

If your old machinery needs to be modernized in order to become more functional and efficient, to provide better processing quality we can help. What we need is just a request to design and produce the required parts, assemble, adjust and launch the updated equipment.

We can restore and repair the CNC units and drive systems, replace relay control units with programmable controllers.
We can also replace original CNC units with more advanced ones.


We also specialize in the design of control systems of any complexity and have great experience in the design of control systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLC), CNC units, various measuring devices in machine building and other industries or agriculture.

Control systems are made using parts of such brands as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Omron, Toyota, Renishaw, Marposs, etc. depending on the customer's choice.

We will restore and repair CNC systems and drives, replace relay systems.

Should there be a need for a deeper modernization we can replace original CNC units with more advanced ones.

Skills and experience of our team allow us to provide the highest quality and optimum periods for the jobs from the following table (please see below).

  • restoration, repairs and modernization of metal processing equipment;
  • designing equipment, preparation of technical documentation;
  • restoration, and repairs of CNC units and drives
  • update of outdated parts for latest ones;
  • finding used machinery at client's request;
  • assembly and launching of machinery.