Company Profile

The company STI has been operating in the machinery market for more than 18 years. We have been delivering special machines and specialized equipment to such major automoblile manufacturers as AutoVAZ (Russia), KAMAZ (Russia), UAZ (Russia), Minsk Engine Works MMZ (Belarus), and automotive factories 'Avtogidrousilitel' (Belarus), 'Belcard'(Belarus). Our specialists have great work experience in the machine industry.

Nowadays one of the main products of the company is the equipment for plastic metal formation. In 2004 our company designed and produced a spline formation machine STI for the famous lorry-manufacturer KAMAZ (Russia). The machinery was delivered to the client in 2005. The key point is that such machine was made for the first time ever not only in Belarus but in all the other CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, etc.). The great demand for such type of equipment up until now has been mainly satisfied with imported machines made by Grob (Switzerland).

After receiving confirmation about the successful use of STI machines at KAMAZ (Russia), and also while trying to meet the needs of numerous maintenance teams after having studied the market, our company improved the design of the machines and started to produce them on a global scale. Please see feedback of KAMAZ.

The STI machinery can really fulfill your demands in such type of equipment.

STI Group also produces cleaning installations for separating oil products from water using the most up-to-date and efficient technologies involving no electricity. These products find wide application in the oil industry and also in all other industries to recycle coolants and lubricants used inside machinery helping to reduce maintenance costs, increase the lifetime of equipment and make it more environmentally friendly.